Saturday, 14 February 2009

Week 1 Round up...

So, on the healthy eating front I think I've done fairly well this week. Given that I went out for a meal and it is Valentines day today (BF cooking venison steak and veg later on - YUM). I've managed on most days to stick to plan or very near, I've enjoyed it, felt full and not obsessed over food at all, so all in all, I feel fairly happy with that.

On the exercise front I was doing well until I caught some kind of virus buggy thing which has made me feel extremely tired. Hopefully this will be gone on Monday and I'll be able to get back on track. I was a bit annoyed about that really, cos I was finding myself start to enjoy it and looking forward to building up my stamina on the treadmill. I know once I can run for 20 minutes on there without stopping I will be able to build up my speed and times etc. I burn off about 500 cals each time I go to the gym, but I hope to increase this with time...

So that was me for week one...

MizzWorthy xxx


  1. hi hun, i started slimming world 2 weeks ago and ive lost half a stone! In my adult life ive never had to diet till now so i was a bit dubious, but it works. And...ive never been hungry! I really suggest doing it, we can spur each other on if you want too. email me if you want and we can do it together. Then when we are at our target weight, we can go out and celebrate!! xoxo

  2. Well done my lovely, you've done well despite a couple of small setbacks...nothing to dwell in though, and with your positive attitude next week will be great! I hope you feel better x x x

  3. Congratulations on all your efforts I hope this ends up being a good change for you and that you soon feel fit and healthy.
    Looking forward to the after pics!xx

  4. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,