Saturday, 7 February 2009

Plan... Week 1!

So one of the measures I plan on taking is looking ahead at my rota and planning in a basic healthy diet and exercise schedule...

On a late shift, so will probably not be able to fit in a gym session.
Food - Cereal for breakfast, turkey salad sandwich on wholemeal for lunch, Prawn salad for dinner at work. Snacks - banana, apple, low fat chocolate mousse, slice of toast prior to bedtime if hungry...

On an early shift, so will be able to fit in some exercise...
Gym after work and will do a weights, treadmill and cross trainer session.
Food - Muller light yogurt with a banana for breakfast, Lunch will be a salad with chicken or ham and a little bit of pasta/couscous. Post exercise snack of an apple and dinner will be decided on the day... possibly a slice of toast or some warm milk for supper.

Late shift...
Food - Cereal for breakfast, turkey/chicken or ham salad sandwich, with an apple. Snack mid afternoon - banana and dinner at work will be a prawn salad. Snacks - low fat crisps/ryvita minis or similar, low fat rice pudding, warm milk at bedtime...

Day off, so can def fit in a gym session...
Exercise - Weights, running and cross trainer session. Will pick up an exercise class shedule to see what yoga/pilates classes I can fit in next week...
Food - Breakfast - Porridge with sliced banana and a little honey. Lunch - Sandwich, with a piece of fruit, Apple or banana after the gym. Dinner, Large jacket potato with tuna and extra light mayo and a big salad. Low fat yogurt for pudding and warm milk for supper.

Day off - will def do some exercise, but prob focus on running, as I want to be able to go for outdoor running sessions, but need to build up my stamina first on the treadmill! Also arm weights to try to combat the bingo wings!
Food - Breakfast - porridge with fruit and honey, Lunch - big salad with either chicken or ham or prawns. Dinner - to be decided.

Early shift, will see how my muscles are feeling after work. If I can will do gym session, if not will go for a walk with bf in the evening for about half an hour.
Food - Yogurt and a piece of fruit for breakfast. Lunch will be a low fat salad or sandwich. Fruit post gym if I go, dinner to be decided...

On an early shift but will need to spend time with bf after work... will prob go for a half hour walk with him.
Food - Cereal for breakfast. ham salad sandwich with a low fat rice pudding for lunch. Fruit after work and dinner to be decided...

So thats the plan anyway. As you can see, not very faddy food, but it needs to be simple and easy to fit around my shifts rather than having to go to health food shops and boiling up vats of quinoa seeds all day lol...

I'm planning to make a brief entry each day til I get into the swing of it to say how well I've managed with food and exercise...

I'm not sure how often to weigh myself - weekly? fortnightly? even monthly? I don't want to be agonising over every pound you see - I want to make healthy changes in the long term rather than have some quick fix faddy approach. I need to make changes I can sustain, so thats going to mean I'll still be having to deal with social events and things, without freaking out over every meal out I have lol...

Any thoughts?

Mizzworthy xxx


  1. I tried to comment on this from my phone last night, when I couldn't sleep at silly o'clock in the morning, but it wouldn't let me :(

    I think this is a very sensible plan. It's a little no frills, I'm no diet expert, but I would allow yourself a weekly treat, like a bit of chocolate or something. I know when my Mum did WeightWatchers she had 3 little squares of Dairy Milk per night - enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but not too much to set you off on a bad track!

    Other than that, it seems like a no brainer, everyone should eat healthily like this, and included, so this will hopefully spur me on to get healthy and stop being a couch potato!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about making changes you can sustain, I think with this attitude you will reach your target weight with no real issues. Don't beat yourself up if you have a treat, remember if you don't allow yourself something, you end up wanting it more!

    Good luck my love, not that you'll need it, you'll do great! :) x x x

  2. Thanks Laura - I probably will be adding in a few treats, this is just my basic plan. I'm thinking Friday night should be treat night, but then it depends on my shifts and days off etc. Thanks for the advice! xxx

  3. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,