Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Pictures That Horrifed Me Into Doing This!

So you know how when you put on weight and you convince yourself that you look ok... your clothes do an ok job of making you look like a relatively normal size?

And then someone takes a picture of you, and that picture just gives you a total wakeup call?

Well these are my wakeup call pictures... it took a lot of courage to post these!

Most of these were taken on a recent holiday with my boyfriend in Gran Canaria, who 'kindly' took these photo's of me.

See, in my head, although I know I've gained weight, I still think I look ok... Its so awful walking past a shop window and seeing the reflection of a larger lady, and then realising it is you!

Some of you might look at these pics and think it's not that bad, but let me put it in perspective. I have gained about 4 and a half stone in the last 3 years. This is due to many features, comfort eating through a separation and divorce not being the least of them... So the me in these pics doesn't look like the me I used to know and love being! I have always had big boobs, but my stomach actually sticks out further than them at the moment!

MizzWorthy xxx

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  1. Wonderful blog so far Jen and good for you!

    Looking forward to reading more and picking up some tips along the way!xxx